Saving lives
one seat belt
at a time.

In memory of

Christopher Lee King

April 1, 2002-July 4, 2020

Our story and mission

Christopher King had just graduated from Jamestown High School, full of life, love and promise. But that ended on July 4, 2020, when a senseless car crash, on a desolate airport road, snuffed out what would have been a life of accomplishment and meaning.

Out of this grief, the King family has worked tirelessly to keep this from happening again. The Christopher King Foundation was formed and holds annual car shows in partnership with Drive Safe Hampton Roads whose mission is to increase the community’s involvement and awareness of traffic safety issues. Money raised will be used to educate young drivers in the Get It Together Seat Belt Challenge (GIT). Held yearly since 1995, GIT reaches more than 20,000 teens every year. The Christopher King Foundation will also sponsor Free 757 Sober LYFT Rides on the July 4th and other holiday weekends.

Thank you for your support of the Christopher King Foundation. Together we can work toward not letting this happen again – to your kids, to anyone’s kids.

Never again.

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Teens killed in 2021 in Virginia due to not wearing seatbelts.
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Traffic fatalities during the July 4th weekend in the U.S.
Virginia traffic fatalities
Fatalities not wearing seatbelts of the 847.

Our Events

The Christopher King Foundation holds annual car shows to raise funds to use for educating teens and adults to buckle up and drive safe. 

Impact of losing Chris on others

Loosing Chris changed my life

forever and I will never forget
what happened to him. Chris was known to spread joy, he brought kindness and laughter everywhere
he went. He had a big impact
on many lives, he was a leader, a helper, and most importantly,
a very good friend.

Chris was a safe driver,
he always took all the precautions
one could about driving. The only thing he forgot to do was wear his seatbelt on the night he passed. I will never get into a car again without putting on my seatbelt, and I encourage everyone around me to do the same.

This world will never be the same
without Christopher.
He was the joy of my heart.
July 4, 2020 was the worst day of my life.
I think of him everyday and
I keep moving on because
I know he would want that.

He could've been a chef, EMT
or anything he put his mind to,
but his life was cut so tragically short.
He loved animals so much even
though he was allergic to them.
He was quite the character,
always cracking jokes
just like his beloved papa.

I miss you so much Critter.